Nets fans are not happy, also not surprised, their team screwed up trades

How NBA Trade Deadline Impacts Playoffs
How NBA Trade Deadline Impacts Playoffs

If you woke up this morning, you were bombarded with rumors that the Brooklyn Nets were all but certain to the trading Brook Lopez to the Thunder for Reggie Jackson. If you took a nap, you woke back up in a different world that almost makes it feel like the morning didn't even happen.

Leave it to the Nets to mess with he space/time continuum.

Brooklyn went from being a real winner at the NBA trade deadline to a team that fleeced itself out of just about everything that had presented itself. Where it looked like Reggie Jackson, Kedrick Perkins and other assets were heading to Brooklyn, somehow the team only managed to trade away Kevin Garnett - who is on the Timberwolves now and oddly in a better place.

Needless to say, Nets fans who watch their front offie go up like the Hindenburg, were not happy when the trade frenzy that saw just about everyone in the NBA walk away winners see the Nets walk away losers.

Yeah, it must really suck to be a Nets fan but in the way that it sucks to live in a bad neighborhood that's only bad because your neighbors are all hillbillies who use their front lawn as a garbage can and eat hot dogs in the kiddie pool without a shirt on.

That's everyone in the Nets front office right now - eating a hot dog without a shirt on while farting in the half empty kiddie pool. That's the only way to describe how horrible this trade deadline was for a team that looked like they were going to pull it off.

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