Hugh Grant reveals why he and Elizabeth Hurley broke up

Hugh Grant Reveals Why He and Elizabeth Hurley Broke Up
Hugh Grant Reveals Why He and Elizabeth Hurley Broke Up

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley seemed like the perfect couple when they dated back in the 1990s. But they sadly split up in 2000 after 13 years together.

And Hugh revealed one of the reasons they called it quits on Wednesday night's episode of "Watch What Happens Live."

"You know, the sex bit probably fizzled out. But, uh, now she's my absolute best friend, the number one person I call in a crisis. So it didn't fizzle," said Hugh Grant on "Watch What Happens Live."

Okay, that's hands down the sweetest break up confession we've ever heard. Hugh Grant - totally charming since 1960.

And it looks like Elizabeth is still feeling the platonic love for Hugh, too.

Back in October, the actress was by his side at the London premiere of his newest movie, "The Rewrite."

And she tweeted after the movie, "I loved @HackedOffHugh movie The Rewrite. V funny, v romantic. I laughed & cried, as they say..,,,"

Well, you know what else they say, if you're Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley, you'll get back together someday. Okay, so they don't say that. But hey, we can dream, right? (Video via BBC)

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