Hollywood valet legend Chuck Pick is friend to the stars

Hollywood Valet Legend Chuck Pick Opens Up About the Stars

It's often the people surrounding A-listers who have the best stories. The waiters, the doormen, the drivers. One such guy is Chuck Pick. CBS got a new interview with the man who's been driving the elite in Hollywood for more than 50 years.

"Everybody loves Chuck. Everybody uses Chuck," said Henry Winkler.

"Name me a celebrity that I haven't done parties for," Pick said.

Chuck's Parking Service
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"His photo album proves it: He's parked Lucille Ball, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Don Rickles and Bob Newhart," one CBS reporter pointed out.

Pick has run Chuck's Parking Service since 1960 -- and his service gets hired to handle valet parking at elite events like Vanity Fair's Oscars party. And it's not just celebrities who know and love him.

Just look at his website -- he has photo galleries with President Clinton, Muhammad Ali, and even JFK.

Interviews with Pick have popped up over the years, speaking to his long success.

Variety spotlighted him in 2013 and reported his business averages about 100 events per month. He started valet parking when he was just 16 and he's now in his 70s.

People magazine profiled him back in 1989. Composer Henry Mancini said at the time: "The true mark of having made it in this town is when someone from Chuck's service says, 'You don't need a ticket, we'll park your car right up front.'"

Bottom line: Pick loves his job. He wants to give people a great customer service experience, and he's all about greeting them with a smile. His biggest horror story? Once, someone knocked over a board that had 200 keys hanging on it. Yikes.

We're guessing he never let that happen again. One thing he will be doing again: Vanity Fair's big Oscars party Sunday night.

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