21-year-old receives license with a senior citizen's face on it

21-Year-Old Receives License With Photo of a Senior Citizen
21-Year-Old Receives License With Photo of a Senior Citizen

Getting a new ID when you turn 21 can be pretty exciting, as that little card can open the door to a whole lot of grown-up fun -- but it probably won't work if it looks absolutely nothing like you.

Kamari Smith was looking forward to getting his new license in the mail after celebrating his 21st birthday. When it finally arrived, it had his name on it, but the photo was that of a senior citizen.

This is Kamari:

And this is his license:

"I might go to jail for that one right there," Smith said. As you can imagine, there's no bouncer in the world that would let this fly, as it seems like the fakest of all fake IDs out there.

The funny mistaken identity mix-up was featured as the "ugly" on "Fox & Friends"' "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" segment. Kamari didn't get upset though. He said all he could do was laugh.

DMV officials asked Smith to return to the license service center to fill out another application and take another photo, and assured him this one would be free of charge.

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