'Storage Wars': One item saved Ivy from a bad unit buy

'Storage Wars:' See Which Item Saved Ivy From a Bad Unit Buy
'Storage Wars:' See Which Item Saved Ivy From a Bad Unit Buy

On Tuesday night's episode of "Storage Wars," it seemed like Ivy was totally screwed after he purchased this storage unit full of junk.

"I can get about four or five bucks each for those, so 15 bucks right there. Could it be a Gibson? Let's see. No," said Ivy on "Storage Wars."

Ivy bought the overflowing locker for $300 and was only able to find $68 worth of items. Ouch.

But he did have one hope - this rather expensive-looking motorcycle racing suit.

So, he took it to get looked at by a local motorcycle group, the Eastside Moto Babes. And it ended up being worth around ...

"$2,500," said Stacy.

"Ooh. $2,500? You saved the day. I knew women's clothing was expensive, but damn!" said Ivy.

Phew, that was a close one. We'd be cheering too if we were you, Ivy!

Fans on Twitter agreed, saying they hoped this close call taught Ivy a lesson about buying unimpressive storage units.

Knowing Ivy, he'll be taking a chance on another locker full of junk next week. And we hope it works out just as well for you, bud.

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