Rooster settles in with Kansas City mounted patrol

Rooster Settles in with Kansas City Mounted Patrol
Rooster Settles in with Kansas City Mounted Patrol

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KMBC) - The Kansas City Mounted Patrol is a visible part of the city's police department, but the newest member of the force is drawing some puzzled looks.

After five months in the Kansas City Police Department stables, a rooster named Red is making his presence known.

Red lost his job with the conservation department when he grew too big to use as bait in coyote traps.

Sgt. Joey Roberts said Red could live at the stables if he could fend for himself among the horses.

"I didn't know how long he would last out here," Roberts said. "If he was to go out in the woods, we've got raccoons and bobcats and coyotes and stray cats, so the life expectancy of a chicken out there probably isn't the best."

Red quickly found his place. His official duty is killing bugs. Among the horses, Red acts like one of the guys.

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"They don't pay him any attention," Roberts said. "They'll put their nose on him and check him out. He walks right under their feet."

Among tour groups, Red gets more attention than the stable cat.

"It's kind of an oddity to see a chicken running around out here, and people get a kick out of it," said Travis Hennegin of the Mounted Patrol.

Red's temporary situation at the stables is becoming more permanent. He now has his own stall and it looks like he's there to stay.

While Red doesn't leave the stables, the public will have a chance to see the Mounted Patrol during the Kansas City St. Patrick's Day parade next month.

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