Man answers 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle with one letter

'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Wins Puzzle With 1 Letter
'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Wins Puzzle With 1 Letter

If you needed to someone to toss a game-winning shot, this would be your guy.

"T," Rufus guessed on "Wheel of Fortune."

"One T," answered host Pat Sajak.

"Championship match," Rufus answered.

"Yeah, that's right," Sajak said, shocked. "Somebody put something in the loco moco," he joked a little later.

Contestant Rufus nailed the phrase with just one letter of the 17-letter puzzle and the hint that it was an event."

Time ran out on the game, so contestants were able to pick one letter and then try to solve the puzzle. Rufus was first to go.

The hosts of NBC's "Today" show and "CBS This Morning" couldn't wrap their heads around it.

The "Today" hosts tried to solve the puzzle themselves, but the best they could come up with was something between 'hotel and motel at the bottom.'

On the CBS set, they also couldn't believe the amazing guess.

"How did he do that? Somebody explain that. You have to count the letters so quickly and come up with championship match with one letter. Go, Rufus."

Others met the guess with speculation.

"There's more than meets the eye here."

It reminds us a bit of a similar story last year when a contestant guessed "new baby buggy" after none of his letters showed up on the board in the final round.

Rufus won $7,100 by the show's end and - maybe best of all - didn't go down in "Wheel of Fortune" infamy like ones in the video below.

'Wheel of Fortune' Fails
'Wheel of Fortune' Fails

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