California neighborhoods overrun with skunks looking for love

California Neighborhoods Overrun With Skunks Looking for Love
California Neighborhoods Overrun With Skunks Looking for Love

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (FOX40) - Wildlife control experts are seeing a spike in calls recently, for help removing skunks. Simply put, skunks across Northern California are looking for love in all the wrong places. FOX40 followed along with one trapper, who showed us just how tricky it can be to get rid of the stinky animals.

"Their main goal is to try and get warm, they want to find a place to feel safe and have their babies, which is under this lady's house here," Jeff Duke, with Duke Wildlife Control, said.

Duke has returned to a home along 5th Avenue in Land Park where he recently left traps for skunks living under a home. His trick for trapping the love-struck animals? Peanut Butter.

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The day FOX40 was out with him, Duke's traps caught three skunks from under the one home. Although the season is right to bring skunks out of hiding and out looking for love, there are ways to avoid their presence. Including putting up vent screens, securing crawl space doors and checking for gaps around the foundation of a home. Also, do not leave dog or cat food outside all night, it can attract all kinds of wildlife.

Duke says skunks are persistent animals, and are great diggers. Once they find a warm and safe spot to give birth, they can have up to nine babies in a litter.

California law prohibits Duke, and other wildlife control trappers, from relocating the animals; and because of the prevalence of rabies in the skunk population, the animals have to be put down.

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