Bank tells woman she can't have loan because she's dead

Bank Tells Woman She Can't Have Loan Because She's 'Dead'
Bank Tells Woman She Can't Have Loan Because She's 'Dead'

A local Tulsa woman turned to our partners at KJRH for help when her bank told her, in-person, she couldn't take out a personal loan because she was ... dead. On paper, at least.

"I'm not deceased, I'm very much alive," Mary Jo Martin said.

"She was told the bank couldn't finance her because her credit report said she was dead," the KJRH reporter said.

"I said, 'Well, I'm not dead.' He said, 'Well, I know that, but we have to have it on your record,'" Martin said.

Martin tried to call the credit bureau several times but was getting nowhere. So, KJRH called her bank, who then put Martin in touch with Experian, the credit report company that listed her as six feet under.

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"A few hours later, Martin got a call from a customer service representative. They traced the error on her credit report back to a car loan she got seven years ago. Mystery solved. And Martin's life and her credit were revived," the reporter said.

The 72-year-old widow faxed a notarized letter saying she was alive. Her credit report now reflects that, saying she's, you know ... not dead.

Oddly enough, Martin's case isn't the first. Other people have been labeled walking zombies.

There's even a post explaining how to convince your credit bureau you're among the living.

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