Anchors have priceless reactions to winter weather

Bitterly cold winter temperatures and treacherous storms have been plaguing various parts of the country for weeks now. For the sake of comic relief, take a peek at the these television anchors pricelessly reacting to the frigid madness.

WGN's Tanya Francisco couldn't believe her ears when an in-studio anchor jokingly doubted how cold it really was outside -- so Tanya made sure to give her an earful.

"You have got to be kidding me ... I think you need to come on out here with me," Tanya responded, less than pleased.

Next up, a Virginia television reporter used a banana to prove how frigid temperatures really were. She stuck the banana in the snow, let it freeze, and called it a "banana hammer." Needless to say, hysterical laughing ensued.

Perhaps the most epic moment of them all, though, was when meteorologist Jim Cantore freaked out while experiencing rare thundersnow six times in Boston. Trust us when we say that this is not an overstatement -- just wait until you see the moment for yourself.

Cantore also couldn't have been happier when fellow meteorologist Reynolds Wolf experienced the phenomenon, too. Really ... he couldn't have been happier.

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