Wounded, abandoned dog rescued from trash can

Wounded, Abandoned Dog Rescued From Trash Can
Wounded, Abandoned Dog Rescued From Trash Can

This poor little pit bull mix, now affectionately named Precious, was found shivering in a Detroit dumpster.

"I heard it out here crying, and I told my husband, 'Look out the door,' and he said it was a dog in the garbage," Chapalar Griggs told WXYZ.

"They called a local shelter for help, but they were closed. ... Mrs. Griggs says the dog was crying, but they were scared to go near her," the reporter said.

"I don't know if it came up here and then jumped in the garbage can. I don't know how it got in the garbage can. It was crying at first, and it was just laying in the garbage," Griggs said.

Because the shelter was closed, Precious had to wait 24 hours in the trash can for help. The woman who found the dog didn't want the dog to die and called for help again the next day.

The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue heard of the abandoned dog and came to rescue her. It determined Precious is about 9 months old and that she needed some 15 stitches. She also had multiple bite wounds.

"This is probably a bait dog ... She's got bite wounds all over her," Theresa Sumpter with the Detroit Pit Crew said.

"Bait dogs are used in dog fighting, a cruel and sick blood sport that the Detroit Pit Crew says needs more policing and prosecution," the WXYZreporter said.

The Pit Crew set up a fundraiser for Precious, and as of Tuesday, it had already raised more than six times its $1,000 goal.

It looks like a speedy recovery is likely. We hope so, anyway.

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