Sons surprise totally shocked mom on her 60th birthday

Stunned Mother Receives Amazing Late Christmas Present
Stunned Mother Receives Amazing Late Christmas Present

Turning 60 is a big deal, and Jay and his brother Paul wanted to give their loving mother Mary the surprise of a lifetime.

They took on a pretty big task: Trick her into thinking they were still far away from their childhood home, when they were really hiding in her backyard in Dublin, Ireland. Jay told Storyful that he last saw his mom at Christmas, "but Paul hasn't seen her since Christmas 2013 when he went back with his 2 kids."

To make sure she didn't see the surprise coming, the two boys produced a fake "wish we were there" video, and had their other brother Simon show it to her. The clip explained that if she went out back, she would see something in a big box. (Spoiler alert: They're inside the box!)

When she headed out back, she saw a massive structure that she was prompted to open from the bottom. Before she got the chance, though, her beloved sons popped out and surprised her.

Jay explains that this moment was a long time coming. We booked our flights Sept 2014 and started planning then," he explains.

Oh, and the secrets didn't end there. Later, 40 of her closest friends and family threw her a surprise party, and she was escorted to a hotel for a fancy staycation. "She has said she has been on a natural high from the moment we jumped out of the box until now," Jay told Storyful.

How are these brothers going to top this on Mother's Day?!

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