Lost baby seal gets Canadian police escort back to sea

Lost Baby Seal Gets Canadian Police Escort Back to Sea

If you thought rescuing baby seals was just something Canadian wildlife workers and activists do,it turns out even mounties sometimes get in on the action too.

You definitely wouldn't expect to see the little guy waddling along the side of a Canadian highway.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Newton Nova Scotia say they found a baby seal just scooting along Highway 19.

The mounties used a net to capture the little seal who had clearly gotten separated from his family - put him in the back of a police truck - and then drove him to a nearby wharf and released him into the Strait of Canso.

A staff sergeant tells the Herald News this is the fourth time this winter they've responded to a call about a seal lost on the highway and -- proving the generalizations about Canadian excellence in both wildlife conservation and comedy -- concluded the department may have to start its own SEAL unit. Get it?

Photo Credit: RCMP

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