Dez Bryant trolls Dallas Cowboys on Twitter for not being loyal to him

Bryant: 'It's Cowboys Forever'
Bryant: 'It's Cowboys Forever'

Loyalty is a big deal to anyone who has an ego - which is everyone on the face of the earth. If someone isn't loyal to you then there is little reason to bend over backwards to help them out when it comes to paying favors. Dez Bryant has been nothing but loyal to the Dallas Cowboys in his short career, but he doesn't really feel like that sentiment is reciprocal.

Bryant is entering an offseason in which he is due a new contract, but that's not going to be something that he and Jerry Jones go skipping through the tall grass over. Dez Bryant wants to get paid and the Cowboys, despite what he's done for them, will pinch pennies like any other business in the world.

That's a fact that Bryant is very much aware of and it's something that he's not all that thrilled about. With the threat of being franchise tagged looming very large, Bryant took to Twitter to let it be known that he isn't going to go quietly into another year with the Cowboys without getting the contract he wants.

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Since posting that tweet, Bryant hasn't deleted it - which means he stands by it, as he should. No matter how unlikable he may seem from his outbursts, Bryant is an employee in a business and deserves to be paid for his labor.

But there's a difference between being paid and being paid what you deserve, and the latter is a struggle that athletes have been fighting with for years. Bryant is facing the very real possibility of playing on a one-year, franchise-tag deal that pays him a lot of money but not nearly what he is worth in the long term.

One injury can cost a player millions of dollars, which is why this upcoming negotiation period is such a weight on the mind of Bryant as he ponders his future in the NFL.

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