Charles Manson's fiancee gives first televised interview

Charles Manson's Fiance Gives First Televised Interview
Charles Manson's Fiance Gives First Televised Interview

The fiancee of convicted murderer Charles Manson is speaking out in her first televised interview, calling the man who is responsible for the death of the pregnant actress Sharon Tate "the cutest thing."

Afton Elaine Burton has been engaged to the 80-year-old criminal since November, and she recently sat down with "Inside Edition" to shed some light on her unusual relationship with Manson. She explains how her obsession with him began when she was a teenager in Illinois, and that she moved to California so she could visit Manson in prison. Since then, she's seen him twice a week for the last nine years.

Burton, who goes by the name "Star," recalled her first time meeting the murderer, saying "I just thought he was the cutest thing. He probably asked me ten times if I wanted to get married."

The couples marriage license expired on February 5th, leading many to believe the union wouldn't happen. Then a strange story surfaced that Burton was only marrying Manson so she could own his corpse after his death. "Inside Edition" didn't touch on those rumors, but Burton assured them the marriage was still going to happen.

As for her parents: While they say they love their daughter, they want no part in the nuptials.

Manson is expected to spend the rest of his life behind bars for his involvement in a 1969 Los Angeles killing spree that left seven dead.

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