Biden gets too close for comfort while swearing in new Defense Secretary Ashton Carter


Vice President Joe Biden has been known to get a little "too close for comfort" in the past, and his behavior at the swearing-in ceremony for new Defense Secretary Ash Carter got the political rumor mill swirling again on Tuesday.

The vice president appeared to be whispering sweet nothings into the ear of Carter's wife, Stephanie, while the new top dog at the Pentagon addressed the challenges he'll face in his new role. Sharing a kind word of wisdom or encouragement? Probably, if the look on her face is any indication. But it's one of a string of encounters that have some asking questions about whether he's charming or creepy.

Call it Biden being Biden. Here's a refresher on some of his more awkward encounters.

Biden's exchange with the 13-year-old daughter of Sen. Chris Coons earlier this year might take the cake as most cringeworthy, but her father insisted otherwise.

"Does she think the vice president is creepy?," Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked during an appearance shortly after the encounter.

"No, Chris she doesn't think the vice president is creepy," Sen. Coons said.

Some folks thought he crossed the line when he wondered whether newly minted Sen. Joni Ernst had a big enough fence to protect her 15-year-old daughter that same day.

But his exceedingly friendly style is nothing new. Biden drew questionable glances from some bikers on the campaign trail back in 2012 as he caressed a woman's shoulders at Cruisers Diner in Ohio.

YE Campaign Images
YE Campaign Images

But after Tuesday's touchy-feely moment, one might end up wondering if Ashton Carter's first order of business as Defense Secretary might be defending his wife from Uncle Joe.