115-year-old woman credits raw eggs, no husband for long life


115 Year Old Woman Credits Raw Eggs, No Husband For Long Life
115 Year Old Woman Credits Raw Eggs, No Husband For Long Life

A 115 year old woman living in Italy credits raw eggs and no husbands as the secret to staying alive.

According to the New York Times, Emma Morano is, at 115 years and three months, the oldest living person in Europe.

Born in November of 1899, she's literally seen three centuries in her lifetime. She's watched Italy move from monarchy to fascism to a democracy, she's seen two world wars, and consumed upwards of a hundred thousand raw eggs. That last bit is one of her two secrets to living as long as she has.

She's been eating three raw eggs a day since she was just a teenager when a doctor recommended them to counter her anemia. The fifth oldest person on earth also credits her health to a healthy husband-less life.

She told the New York Times, she's been single since her and her husband split up in 1938. Since then she hasn't had an interest in finding a new one.

"I didn't want to be dominated by anyone," Morano said.

But before you go and file for divorce or head to the grocery store to stock up on eggs, gerontologists agree that there is not one secret to living past 100.

As USA Today reports, Misao Okawa, the oldest living person on earth who is turning 117 next month, says her secret to a long life is eight hours of sleep every night.

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