Stephen Curry wins 2015 NBA 3-Point Contest

Curry, LaVine Shine on All-Star Saturday
Curry, LaVine Shine on All-Star Saturday

The Footlocker 3-Point competition had a cast of sharp shooters, all with a different resumes as to why they think they are the best three-point shooter in the NBA.

Wesley Matthews, representing the Portland Trailblazers, got the advantage of going first. He ended up putting up a respectable score of 22, which was the number each shooter was chasing for the majority of the competition.

J.J. Redick, known for his time as a Duke Blue Devil sharpshooter, entered his first contest a little flat. Redick only scored 17 points in the first round, ending his night earlier than he would have wanted. Redick would have scored a few more points, but he kept stepping on the line, disqualifying some of his made shots. It would end up not mattering, as the score needed to advance was 23.

Kyle Korver entered the contest tonight with the best shooting percentage in the NBA. Korver has been putting up historic shooting numbers (51.5% FG, 53.6% 3-Point FG, 92.0% FT), which will be an NBA record if the season ended today. Korver's shooting ability did not translate to the 3-point contest as he was eliminated in the first round with just 18.

Former three-point competition champion, Marco Belinelli, ended up calling it an early night as well. Belinelli could not find the same rhythm as he did last year during the contest, ending with a score of just 18.

James Harden had the low score of the night with 15. Harden is leading the NBA in scoring this season, and luckily for Harden, there is more to his game than just shooting 3's.

Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, and Steph Curry advanced with scores of 24, 23, and 23, respectively.

Irving could not find his stroke, only putting up 17 points in the championship round. This left Curry and Thompson, the Splash Brothers from Golden State, licking their chops.

Curry would put on a terrific display in the final round scoring 27 points, at one point he knocked down 13 shots in a row. Curry would end up beating Klay Thompson, who only scored 14.

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