Airline has shockingly outdated employee policy

Airlines Has Shocking Outdated Employee Policy

Qatar Airways is one of the largest airlines in the world and claims to have "one of the most modern fleets in the sky," but when it comes to staff rules, it's still living in the past.

The airline will only hire female flight attendants if they're single and stay that way for five years once they get on the payroll, according to the International Transport Workers' Federation, a major trade union group.

After that five years is up, female employees are required to ask permission if they want to tie the knot.

As for getting pregnant, employees must notify the company as soon as they are aware and "the employer shall have the right to terminate the contract of employment from the date of notification of the pregnancy," according to a clause in the airline's standard hiring contract.

But Qatar Airways isn't the only airline with a heavy-handed hiring contract.

Emirates flight attendants who become pregnant within three years of being hired will be fired.

Asiana Airlines requires attendants to follow strict style guidelines -- including makeup, hairstyle and even the length of their nails. It wasn't until 2013they were allowed to wear pants, instead of skirts.

In addition, China Southern Airlines and VietJet hold annual competitions for new crew members that include bikini contests.

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