Top 25 most dangerous college campuses in America revealed

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article used the original rankings provided by FindTheBest, which the company subsequently updated after identifying an error in the original analysis of the data. Please note that the current version of the rankings has been changed to reflect the corrected analysis.

From sexual assault to abduction and murder, schools like Columbia, University of Virginia and Duke have made national headlines and put a spotlight on campus safety -- but when the number crunchers take a closer look, it turns out none of those schools are among the most dangerous colleges in the U.S. when assessing overall crime.

Analyzing data from the Office of Postsecondary Education Campus Safety and Security, researchers at FindTheBest recently compiled a list of thetop 25 most dangerous colleges, determining the four-year universities with the highest rate of alleged and criminal offenses. The crime rates included both violent and non-violent crime, as reported to both campus security authorities and local law enforcement in the 2012 to 2013 school year.

Explore the slideshow above to see all the most dangerous college campuses.

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