Joe Biden gives a shout out that makes everyone laugh


Vice President Joe Biden was speaking in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday when he gave a shout out that made the crowd chuckle, as it sounded like he said the phrase "old butt buddy."

Speaking of former Iowa Democratic Representative Neal Smith, Biden said what many are interpreting as: "Neal Smith, an old butt buddy. Are you here, Neal? Neal, I miss you, man. I miss you."

The Huffington Post is reporting that, "Some news outlets, including CNN, have suggested Biden made the remark because of a stuttering problem, and actually said: 'Neal Smith, an old bu-buddy, are you here Neal?'"

The NY Daily News called his gaffe "jaw dropping," and they pointed out that there was no correction or acknowledgement of a slip of the tongue. "If the bizarre use of 80s teenage slang was a stutter or a slip up, the Vice President didn't stop to correct himself," the New York Post also noted.

Biden traveled to Iowa on Thursday to promote the White House's post-State of the Union economic message and community college proposal.

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