Friends who've played Powerball for 20 years finally win big

Friends Who've Played Powerball for 20 Years Finally Win
Friends Who've Played Powerball for 20 Years Finally Win

RAYTOWN, Mo. (WDAF) – Two Raytown small business owners are still in shock on Thursday night after they found out earlier this morning that they are $1 million richer. The duo finally saw lucky numbers in Wednesday night's Powerball drawing.

To say that Dean Carter and Pete Ford are two peas in a pod, would be an understatement.

"Why have you guys stuck together for so long?" FOX 4's Megan Brilley asked.

"That's a good question," Dean Carter said jokingly.

"No. I went to work with him at Blue Ridge Mall when I first got out of barber school. We've stayed together," he continued.

The two have owned a Raytown barbershop for 20 years and every Wednesday and Saturday, they walk next door to Spanky's sports bar to buy Powerball tickets.

"I told him, I'm gonna go buy another Powerball ticket. I said, 'you want in?' He said, 'I just bought one at lunch,' so I said 'okay,'" Dean explained.

Dean went and bought the ticket, but something told Pete he needed to get in on it.

"I went and bought it and I came back and he says, 'here's my dollar,' I said okay," Carter said.

Turns out, Pete's gut feeling was right.

"Still don't seem real," he said.

Soon after, Dean found out they were one of the few in the country to win with a million dollar ticket that matched five numbers, excluding the powerball.

"Do you wish now that you hadn't asked him to go in on it with you?" Brilley asked.

"No because I wouldn't want it all for myself! Help the old guy out, too," Dean said.

After all, it only seems right. The two have spent most of their lives behind the chair together, why not split the million too?

"I was glad he did get in because I would hate for me to have to whole million and tell him this is your shop now, I quit!" Dean said.

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