Congressman winks at mom on C-SPAN

Congressman Winks At Mom on C-SPAN
Congressman Winks At Mom on C-SPAN

To be a good congressman you have to have the gift of gab and -- most importantly -- know how to find the camera in meetings.

This video shows Rep. Buddy Carter addressing the Speaker of the House on the Essential Transportation Worker Identification Credential Assessment Act. Translation: It's not exactly the most thrilling moment on C-SPAN.

Just when we think we'll be bored to sleep (or death), in comes Congressman Andy Harris from Maryland. He situates himself right behind Carter, so he's on camera the entire time Carter is speaking.

Andy wants to send some love out there to fans at home, but he can't say anything while someone else is talking -- so he looks around to see if anyone is watching, and then he winks. "You're looking good today, America. Did you get a haircut?," his suave little wink seems to say.

He's also clearly on his phone (you can see him looking down often), and it turns out he was texting with the recipient of the wink: his mom.

He says his mom watches C-SPAN all the time, so he just wanted to give her a quiet shout out. "His mother watches C-SPAN," spokesman Chris Meekins told National Journal, "and it makes her day to see him," the site reports.

"At one point, he even took off his glasses in what looked like the consequences of an off-screen dare," National Journal explained.

This sweet little moment shows that no matter how far we go in life, we never really change from the little kid who stops mid-recital to wave at mom or dad.

How is he going to raise the bar for Mother's Day?

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