Bear Grylls makes 'smashing' entrance on morning talk show

Bear Gryll's Makes 'Smashing' Entrance On Morning Talk Show
Bear Gryll's Makes 'Smashing' Entrance On Morning Talk Show

When Bear Grylls stopped by ITV's "This Morning" to discuss his new show "Bear Grylls: Mission Adventure," the daredevil entered in the most Bear Grylls way possible.

The British adventurer arrived to the studio by boat, and then scaled the building. He smashed through the window, sending glass flying before greeting hosts Eamonn and Ruth.

Bear's new show has the thrill seeker leading eight celebrities into the rainforests of Central America for a 12-day survival mission.

We're used to Bear do his fair share of radical stunts, like the time he not only ate, but slept inside the carcass of a dead camel. Oh, and how about the time when he walked through a narrow train tunnel ... with a train coming? And then theres the lovely time he drank his own urine.

Now that we think about this, perhaps this entrance through some studio glass isn't all that crazy.

Bear's new show starts February 20 on ITV. To catch the video of Bear's smashing entrance head over to I-T-V dot com.

How's this for hopping a ride?

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