3 easy wedding day makeup tips by Molly Roncal

3 Perfect Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

Although the piles of snow outside may tell you otherwise, Springtime is slowly around the corner. Which means it'll be Wedding Season before anyone can say, "I do." If your Big Day is approaching, and you're looking to find the perfect makeup, follow these wedding-day makeup tips from beauty pro Mally Roncal.

1.) Keep Your Lips Light
Since your eyes are going to be the star of the show, Mally says to keep it subtle when it comes to your lips. When it comes to the lips, don't go for anything too crazy. A nice, soft pink with a little bit of gloss is going to be a perfect combo.

2.) Use a Concealer
Mally says a concealer or an under-eye brightener are going to be an amazing addition to your wedding makeup, especially when you want to look like you've had eight hours of sleep. "Take a little bit [of the product and] dab it right underneath the eyes," she says. "You want to hydrate the undereye area and brighten it at the same time."

3.) Use Waterproof
Lashes With weddings inevitably come tears. To avoid a mess, Mally go to always go for waterproof. "Two coats on the top, one coat on the bottom, is the perfect way to open up your eyes," she says. Now, you're ready to walk down the aisle!

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