Woman donates her kidney, then gets engaged to recipient

Stranger Donates Kidney To Man She Will Later Marry
Stranger Donates Kidney To Man She Will Later Marry

It's a match -- in more ways than one. Ashley McIntyre and Danny Robinson got engaged on Christmas, but their unique journey began nearly a year earlier.

Danny needed a kidney and went on a local radio program to talk about it. Ashley's mother heard the program and shared his story with her daughter.

Ashley reached out on Facebook and began the process to see if the two were a match for a kidney.
"I never in a million years would have imagined this would happen, and I didn't think i would be a match."

Doctors say those living with one kidney can live a normal life.

Only 1% of living kidney donations are from strangers, but McIntyre says her future fiance's story really impacted her. And her kidney was a near-perfect match.

"To be a match, have a really successful surgery and then end up being together - it was a whirlwind."

This isn't the first time, a couple has been a perfect match in more than one way. Chelsea Clair and Kyle Froelich married each other three years after a successful transplant surgery.

Chelsea was a match, and the couple wed in 2013.

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