Woman discovers 'peeping Tom' looking in shower

Woman Discovers 'Peeping Tom' Looking in Shower
Woman Discovers 'Peeping Tom' Looking in Shower

Denise Sosa had just gotten in the shower. Nothing too terribly exciting, just gettin' her good hygiene on. But this shower ended up being different from her usual routine.

"The window was open, and it was kind of chilly, and there was a breeze. So I decided, 'Oh, I should close the window,' and as I reached up to close the window, I could see a face. Right here. There was eyeballs, you know, looking at me," Sosa told KGTV.

Sosa did what anyone would do after seeing a peeping Tom - she screamed. Her fiancé came running in, but by the time she explained what was wrong, the person was gone. The couple went outside their La Costa, California, home to investigate.

"One of these chairs had actually been moved to the side of the house over here. ... They needed the chair to look in this window, and it was only open a couple inches, so their face had to be right here because I could see from their forehead to about their chin, and definitely their eyeballs. That was the part that scared me the most."

Sosa did take a shot of some shoe prints she found to send to police. KGTV contacted local authorities, who said they haven't heard of similar incidents.

And if the person responsible is found, he or she could face some legal trouble. A California law group explains peeking inside a window of an inhabited place is unlawful.

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