Johnny Manziel: 5 potential trade destinations

Johnny Manziel was one of the most hyped up prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft class, but his off-the-field issues forced him to drop to the 22nd overall pick. The Cleveland Browns were in desperate need of a quarterback, and they decided to take a flier on Manziel.

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Johnny Manziel: 5 potential trade destinations

St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams are one team to keep an eye on, as they are in desperate need of a quarterback. Sam Bradford is likely to come back next season for one more chance after tearing his ACL in back-to-back seasons, but adding Manziel might be a smart move as a backup. If Bradford did go down with another injury, that would give Manziel a chance to prove his worth.

Jeff Fisher is very good at dealing with young players, and perhaps he could work his magic with Manziel.

Manziel needs to figure out how to keep himself under control off-the-field. His game would fit rather nicely into the Rams’ offensive system, and his athleticism and speed would give Fisher another weapon to play with. There are some question marks surrounding his arm after the two starts he had towards the end of the career, but perhaps a full offseason of work could help fix that.

It would be a very intriguing match for both the Rams and Manziel, but it might very well work out. They are in need of help at the quarterback position, and they might find themselves looking at an offer to acquire Manziel for a fairly cheap price.

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New York Jets

Another team with a major need at the quarterback position is the New York Jets. They aren’t going to be bringing Michael Vick back next season, and Geno Smith isn’t anywhere near to being a legitimate NFL starting quarterback.

Johnny Manziel hasn’t shown the ability to be an NFL quarterback either, but bringing him in would give new head coach Todd Bowles another option. His ability to run the football would be something that the Jets could use, and Smith isn’t much better of an option. At the very least, Manziel would give the Jets a more talented option.

The Jets will need to bring in more receiving help for whoever their quarterback ends up being as well, with the likelihood of Percy Harvin getting released. Eric Decker is their number one target which isn’t bad, but they will need to bring in another option.

It wouldn’t be expensive at all for the Jets to bring Manziel on board, and it might be exactly what they need. There would be some immediate concerns about him in New York City, but it could be a good situation for him.

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Cincinnati Bengals

Johnny Manziel would be a very intriguing pickup for the Cincinnati Bengals as well, although it would be difficult for the Cleveland Browns to trade him within their own division. Andy Dalton hasn’t shown the ability to win consistently throughout his career, and acquiring Manziel might be just enough to push him a bit.

If Dalton doesn’t show improvement early on in the season and struggles, then Manziel could step in and start a game to get some experience and show what he’s capable of.

Obviously the Bengals aren’t going to be looking to move on from Dalton unless he completely falls apart. That being said, it would all depend on what Manziel’s price tag is and whether or not the Browns would trade him within the division. Cincinnati currently has A.J. McCarron on the roster, but Manziel has much more upside than McCarron.

Cincinnati isn’t necessarily the most likely fit, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them place a call to gauge the possibility. Dalton is wearing out his welcome with the Bengals quickly, and it might only take one more year before they want to move on from him.

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Houston Texans

Johnny Manziel would likely have a lot of interest in heading back to Texans, and the Houston Texans are a team with a major need at the quarterback position. He would slide right in as the starting quarterback, and would be given free reign to play his game.

Perhaps heading back home is what it would take to calm him down a bit and get him to focus on the game of football. Having the opportunity to be a home state hero isn’t a chance that comes around for each and every NFL player. The Texans have a lot of young talent on the roster, but they aren’t going to get into playoff contention without a legitimate starting quarterback.

Manziel obviously hasn’t earned that title yet, but he does have the potential to become that for the Texans.

All of that being said, the Texans are also high on Ryan Mallett after the small dosages of action he saw. Houston may still be interested in bringing in some competition for him, and Manziel would be a great option for them to take a look at.

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Tennessee Titans

The last and possibly most needy option for Johnny Manziel is the Tennessee Titans. They are likely going to move on from Jake Locker this offseason, and Zach Mettenberger isn’t ready to be a quarterback of a playoff caliber NFL team.

Adding Manziel would be a perfect move for the Titans, and would add a talented player at a fairly low price. Even if he didn’t pan out, he would still be more talented than Mettenberger. There is no denying that he has “star” potential, but it will all come down to whether or not he matures and focuses on his game.

Don’t be surprised to see the Titans be very active this coming offseason when looking for a new quarterback. They believe that Mettenberger could start if necessary, but they know that their offense isn’t going to reach its full potential until they bring in a better starter.

Manziel has some issues, but he would be forced to mature quickly if the Titans acquired him and threw him out on the field. He can’t afford to take beatings every game like he did in his two starts with the Browns. Tennessee would be an ideal landing spot for him, and it could be the exact fit that he needs at this point in his career.

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Unfortunately, his first season showed that he was nowhere near being ready for the NFL. He started in just two games after being beat out in preseason and training camp action by Brian Hoyer, and put up horrible numbers in those two starts. Throughout his entire rookie season, Manziel ended up throwing for 175 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions.

Those numbers aren't going to get the job done for any starting quarterback, and it has made Manzie's future in Cleveland extremely cloudy.

Not only did he play poorly on-the-field, he also got into some trouble off-the-field. His most notable issues were not showing up for a practice late in the year after a party the night before, and then checking into a rehab facility after the season. Hopefully rehab will do good things for him moving forward, but the Browns aren't banking on that possibility.

Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland has called for the Browns to admit a mistake and trade Manziel. That leads to the question of which teams would be the best places for him to go.

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