Conan O'Brien and Anna Kendrick's funny musical number

Conan O'Brien and Anna Kendrick's funny musical number
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Conan O'Brien and Anna Kendrick's funny musical number
Conan O'Brien and Anna Kendrick demonstrated what it would be like if their lives were like musicals on Wednesday night's episode of 'Conan.'
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OK, so we all know actress Anna Kendrick loves to sing.

I mean, the girl has belted it out in almost every one of her movies recently - "Pitch Perfect," "Pitch Perfect 2," "Into The Woods" and now "The Last Five Years."

So when Conan O'Brien asked her if, given the opportunity, she would live in a musical, Anna responded with a song, of course.

"It would be so fabulous if we were in a musical, we could fall in love and make romance," sang Conan O'Brien on "Conan."

"I just changed my mind about this little musical. I never want to see you drop your pants," sang Anna.

We knew Conan was a good singer, but dang! He can almost keep up with Anna there. Almost.

After all, multiple media outlets have crowned Anna "the new queen of musical movies" and "the official darling of the Hollywood drama department" since the trailer for "The Last Five Years" made its debut.

And she told Conan singing is one of her biggest passions. "I love it so much. [It] is near and dear to my heart."

To see Anna belt it out on the big screen once again, you can check out "The Last Five Years" when it hits theaters Feb. 13.

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