What snuggling says about your relationship

What Snuggling Says About Your Relationship
What Snuggling Says About Your Relationship

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's what snuggling with your partner in bed means about your relationship.

Findings released by U.K. group The Sleep Matters Club show the big differences in what sleeping positions mean.

For example, the "Liberty" position is the most popular. That's when you and your partner are lying back-to-back -- a bit far apart. This means, according to the group, you're "connected and secure" and show "both closeness and independence."

On the other hand, "The Lovers" position signifies a "lack of independence."

Next most popular is "Cherish" -- back-to-back again, but touching. Again, it means you're comfortable but is most common in new relationships.

Let's not forget "Spooning." This means one partner is actually being protective of the other one.

The group detailed nine total positions, with our favorite possibly being "miscellaneous" or the "whatever works" position.

Sleep, of course, is important, which might be why about 10 percent of couples sleep apart from each other.

Due to different sleeping patterns, couples just might not sleep well together in the same bed, Health.com reports -- so sleeping apart could also help a relationship.

Who says you have to just stick to one, though?

A Bustle writer says, "My SO and I cycle through at least three of them every night."

So, snuggle smart this Valentine's Day ... whoever your snuggle partner may be.

Courtesy of: The Sleep Matters Club

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