Cat and Keith have been dating for 3 years. In that time, one of them transitioned from female to male.

Cat and Keith: Processing a Major Change

Cat and Keith are a real couple that have been dating for 3 years. During that time, one of them transitioned from a female to a male. The two of them sat down in a short documentary to talk about the change and what it means for their relationship.

The conversation proved to be an important one for their relationship.

When asked how Keith has changed since they first met, Cat notes the obvious physical transformation but also gushes about Keith's passion: "you always had passion for your work but I think it's even more now."

"Biologically, I wish my physical part was different," Keith admits. It has posed some obstacles for their relationship and intimacy but both are certain they can work through it. "I'm hesitant to tell you that there are things in my transition that are very scary to me and that maybe how I feel about my transition today may not be how I feel about my transition tomorrow."

Both Keith and Cat discuss that fear, hesitation, and uncertainty plague their relationship. Through acknowledging and discussing the challenges, they worked to establish more stability and confidence in their love. Male or female, success or failure, Cat revealed the most supportive and reassuring statement: "I have fear that sometimes its not going to happen or that I am going to get impatient but even if it doesn't happen I'm still going to be with you."

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Cat and Keith have been dating for 3 years. In that time, one of them transitioned from female to male.

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