Town puts up signs alerting visitors to its large number of gun-toting residents

A town in Pennsylvania has put up signs alerting visitors to its gun-toting residents.

Now, people entering Conoy Township are greeted with welcome signs that also carry the message, "THIS IS NOT A GUN FREE ZONE."

The decision to put them up was left to the rural community's 5 supervisors, and the vote among them was unanimous.

Said one of those officials, "What we're telling people is that when they do come here, they should feel safer knowing that everyone in the township is watching out for them. And the criminal -- he should realize that going into this township he could have a bad day."

The views of some of the residents are neither as enthusiastic nor positive.

One person pointed out that a hardened criminal is unlikely to be deterred by a road sign.

Another said that the postings didn't really bother him personally, but he did have doubts that they would prove to be an effective means of fighting crime.

Regardless of people's doubts, the powers that be are moving ahead with their plan. A dozen signs have already been installed, and three additional postings are anticipated.

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