See one of the most valuable units in 'Storage Wars' history

As usual, "Storage Wars'" Rene and Dave were at each other's throats during Tuesday night's auction in Torrance, California.

"You BLEEP. You're a like a little dark BLEEP," said Rene on "Storage Wars."

"Oh, I'm a BLEEP?" asked Dave.

But Rene definitely came out on top after beating Dave out for one of the most valuable units we've ever seen on the show.

"By the time we price everything and do our research, I'm telling you right now, we're gonna make $50,000 on the whole locker. I mean, I have never, ever found so much good stuff in one locker," said Rene.

You heard right - that $3,900 locker that Rene and Dave battled over at the auction was chock-full of incredibly valuable items, including paintings, intricately decorated vases and even expensive pieces from Waterford and Wallace.

Of course, Rene was thrilled with his purchase, claiming the locker "could be the best unit purchase of [his] life." Yeah, wow.

And even A&E couldn't help but admit the unit was one of the biggest lockers in history.

When all was said and done, Rene made $46,100 off the items found in his incredible storage unit. Take that, Dave!!

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