Little hero stays on phone with 911 after mom passes out

Little Hero Stays on Phone With 911 After Mom Passes Out
Little Hero Stays on Phone With 911 After Mom Passes Out

Gabriella may only be 5 years old, but she's already a little hero. She stayed on the phone with 911 when her mother had a medical emergency.

"I saved my mommy's life! ... I was in the tub. ... I was like, 'Mommy, answer!' I was calling for Mommy, but she wouldn't come, so ... " Gabriella told WEWS.

"Police say Amanda Ward was a bit more than passed out. They say she had overdosed."

A friend of Gabby's mother happened to call when Ward was unconscious. Gabby picked up the ringing phone and told her mother's friend what was going on, and the caller then three-way dialed 911.

"Can you tell me, is she breathing?" a 911 operator asked the little girl.

"She's breathing really deep," Gabby responded.

Gabby not only stayed on the phone the entire time but also let authorities into her Ohio home when they arrived.

Her mom, Amanda Ward, was indicted and charged with drug possession and child endangerment.

The story was "liked" hundreds of times on the WEWS Facebook page. Commenters ranged from concerned to proud:

LeeAnn Mullen Teagno: "Let's hope mom gets the help she needs."

Christina Marie Harrison: "Brave baby girl! Hats off to you sweetheart."

Mary Dula: "How sad for that little girl. I'm sure in her eyes her mother can do no wrong."

WEWS investigated and found Gabby's mother has had drug possession charges in the past.

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