EXCLUSIVE: Former girlfriend of Scott Peterson speaks out 10 years later

EXCLUSIVE: Former Girlfriend of Scott Peterson Speaks Out on 10 Years Later
EXCLUSIVE: Former Girlfriend of Scott Peterson Speaks Out on 10 Years Later

The Ben Affleck movie "Gone Girl" continues to thrill moviegoers with the story of a missing pregnant wife whose husband becomes the prime suspect, but there's one woman for whom the movie hit too close to home. Her name is Amber Frey.

Ten years ago she was in the spotlight as the girlfriend of Scott Peterson, the notorious killer currently on death row in California for murdering his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson.

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So, what is Amber Frey's life today? Only INSIDE EDITION can reveal she's now a single mom to two children, a boy and a girl.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Frey, "All of these years later, do you still have feelings for Scott Peterson? Do you love Scott Peterson?"

She replied, "I do not. That was put behind me so many years ago."

Frey is now 40, and makes a living as a massage therapist. She also travels the world doing missionary work for her church. But there are those moments when she can't escape her past.

Moret asked, "You still look like I remember. Do people recognize you?"

"Yes," she replied. "It didn't matter if I had a hat on and glasses. People still recognize me years later."

Frey met Peterson, a traveling fertilizer salesman, during the Christmas holidays in 2002.

She says he told her he was not married, but soon she learned he was married and his wife had gone missing. Frey testified at Peterson's murder trial which ended in a guilty verdict. When Peterson was arrested, he was in disguise. He dyed his hair and grew a goatee. And what he had in his car still sends a chill down Frey's spine.

"He had knives, he had rope, he had a shovel, and he had a map to your workplace," Moret said. "Do you believe that you were Scott Peterson's next intended victim?"

Frey replied, "It's pretty creepy, yeah."

Frey insists 10 years later, she has put the Scott Peterson nightmare behind her and she no longer wants to be known as "The woman who dated the most hated man in America."

Moret asked, "What would be the last thing you want to say to Scott Peterson?"

She declared, "I really have nothing to say."

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