'The Bachelor:' Was Kelsey's dramatic panic attack fake?

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Monday's episode of "The Bachelor" picked up where we left off after last week's cliffhanger finale. And let's just say it made us long for the days of onion girl Ashley S.

Last week's episode left guidance counselor Kelsey surrounded by EMTs on the hotel floor right before the rose ceremony.

"No, I think I'm just having a panic attack," gasped Kelsey on "The Bachelor."

But like pretty much everyone else watching the meltdown, the other bachelorettes just weren't buying Kelsey's act.

"The timing of this is very suspicious."

"There it is, another conniving move out of Kelcie. I'm freaking out."

But, of course, no contestant was more upset with Kelsey than Ashley I.

She pretty much accused Kelsey of using the tragic story of her husband's death and faking a panic attack to get her hands on a rose. Yeah, ouch.

Well, if it was a rouse, Chris totally fell for it. He ended up giving Kelsey the last rose that night, to the dismay of pretty much all the other bachelorettes.

But Chris isn't the only one who believed Kelsey's panic attack might have been real.

A writer for Bustle noted, "I believe that it's probably real, but maybe not as dramatic as it appeared onscreen. Plus, Kelsey ends up in South Dakota with everyone, so it can't be that serious."

Well, regardless of whether Kelsey's attack was fake, Chris sent both her and Ashely I. packing at the end of the episode. Two drama queens down ...

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