Teen makes disgusting discovery in KFC meal

Teen Makes Disgusting Discovery in KFC Meal
Teen Makes Disgusting Discovery in KFC Meal

STOCKTON -- A Stockton teen found what he believed was a chicken's brain in his fast food meal. That teen says he tweeted at KFC in early February for a resolution and says all he wants is his lunch money back.

When you're a high school student and on a budget, sometimes the only meal that works is fast food. "Just because I do eat there often so I mean coming across something like that is just like wow," Manuel Cobarubies, a Stockton High School student told FOX40 on Monday.

Cobarubies said he usually stops at KFC on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Stockton, but his $4 set him back more than what he bargained for, "(It looked) like a brain to me. I mean at that point, red flags were kind of raised," the teen told us.

He explained he found what looked like a brain alongside his chicken breast, thighs and corn. "I ended up spitting it in the trash can because I get grossed out by that," he said. So the teen did what anyone his age would do -- he tweeted at KFC for an explanation.

"I directly mentioned to them and a bunch of people started tagging them and I guess it kind of raised awareness to them when a lot of people started tagging them in my tweet," he told us.

That tweet made the Internet rounds 226 times. He said KFC did contact him but other than a quick sorry he did not hear back as of Monday morning. All he wanted was a refund, "As far as what I paid for my meal because I mean my meal didn't sit too well with me. I think that might be it."

So FOX40 tweeted at KFC and called their corporate headquarters. Hours after our tweet made the rounds, Cobarubies said he got a call from Richard Ramos, a KFC area consultant. Ramos said the brain is actually a kidney or a gizzard and is safe to eat.

While the teen doesn't plan to dive into an intestine anytime soon, he got what he wanted -- his lunch money back and an added kitchen responsibility, "I'm probably just going to have to start packing my own meals, making my own sandwiches."

Ramos added they will be working with their cooks to make sure they prepare the chicken correctly.

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