Roof of store housing Liberace's bejeweled piano collapses

Roof Of Store Housing Liberace's Bejeweled Piano Collapses
Roof Of Store Housing Liberace's Bejeweled Piano Collapses

A rhinestone covered grand piano once owned by Liberace may have been damaged after the roof of the Piano Mill collapsed Tuesday.

A section of roofing at the Rockland, Massachusetts music store collapsed under the weight of snow. According to the National Weather Service Rockland received 29 inches of snow during its most recent storm. These are record-breaking numbers for the town located about an hour south of Boston.

Rockland Fire Chief Scott Duffey, spoke with W-B-Z News Radio 10-30 and said "Damages are extremely significant.. Unfortunately, [the Liberace piano] may be in that collapse zone."

The roof of the Piano Mill was lightweight, and Duffey says about a 100-foot-by-100-foot section fell into the showroom.

The bedazzled piano was featured in the HBO movie Behind The Candelabra starring Michael Douglas, and Matt Damon. According to the store's owner, the piano has 88,888 rhinestones and is worth about half a million dollars.

It's not certain if the piano is actually damaged, as no one is allowed inside until a structural engineer assesses the damage.

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