Couple buys Vince Lombardi sweater at Goodwill for 58 cents

Couple buys Vince Lombardi sweater at Goodwill for 58 cents

Back in the day, 58 cents used to buy you a lot. Today, it can't even buy you a candy bar but for one couple it bought them a sweater worn by one of the NFL's all time coaching greats - Vince Lombardi.

When Sean and Nikki McEvoy stopped at the local Goodwill last year, they probably only had bargain hunting on their mind. Why else would anyone be at a second hand store? The two had spotted an old West Point sweater, and the purchase was soon after finalized at $0.58. That in and of itself would be the end of a nice little anecdote, but there was so much more to the story.

While watching a documentary on the legendary head coach Vince Lombardi, the McEvoy's noticed something about a sweater shown in an old photograph. It was from West Point. Well, simple logic dictates that odds are slim it would be the same one the two had purchased awhile back. Nevertheless, Mrs. McEvoy recalled the name tag she had seen in the back of the shirt. It read "Lombardi, 46."

They called the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and when the folks in Canton asked for the donation, the couple had decided that the profit margins for such an item were too great to pass up. So instead, the two reached out to Heritage Auctions to get their money's worth.

The sweater will be sold on February 21st. The estimated value of such an article of clothing is a cool $20,000. That is what you call in the world of finance, an excellent return on your investment.

Vince Lombardi was the head coach of the NFL's Green Bay Packers from 1959-1967. He won 5 total NFL championships including the very first two Super Bowl titles, a trophy that would later be named in his honor.

His overall win percentage, which includes another season as head coach of theWashington Redskins in 1969, is .738. That is good enough for third place all time among head coaches with at least 50 career victories. Only Guy Chamberlain (.759) and John Madden (.750) have better marks.

Now that you have just read all that, seriously ask yourself the same question. What can you buy for 58 cents?

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