Chrissy Teigen makes husband John Legend squirm with answer to sex question

Chrissy Teigen makes husband John Legend squirm with answer to sex question

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are very open about their relationship, smooching up and down most red carpets they're on -- but Teigen may have shared a little too much at the Grammys on Sunday night.

Extra hosts AJ Calloway and Tracey Edmonds asked Teigen to pick a question out of a mystery bowl. It read: "Public place you did it.' Since it didn't specify if the question was about the best or worst place, Legend, seemingly sweating the answer already, told his wife of 17 months to go with 'the best.' Little did he know that he just opened the door for some major mortification.

Teigen's honest answer of "uhm, probably the Obama thing?!" left John Legend -- and the interviewers -- almost speechless.

Teigen immediately realized she had said too much, and made a beeline off camera while a mortified Legend jumped in to attempt some damage control. "We're not going to discuss that, we're not," he mumbled while the baffled hosts tried to get more information out of the singer.

Teigen then answered the question on everyone's mind, saying: "Not the White House, 100 percent not at the White House," Teigen clarified. "He was not elected yet," Legend explained, leaving us even more confused.

Perhaps 'You & I' is an ode to the West Wing?

Watch all the awkwardness unfold here:

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