Two sets of twins get the makeovers they've always wanted

Identical Twin Sisters Get the Hair Makeover of Their Dreams
Identical Twin Sisters Get the Hair Makeover of Their Dreams

Identical twins Gab and Deb (try saying that five times fast!) of Forest Hills, NY, were almost impossible to tell apart -- and they're sick of it!

Looking at the sisters was like seeing double, and they really wanted individual styles and looks.

To help them stand out as individuals, hair and beauty expert Kyan Douglas transformed the twins, and the results was astounding. Even better than their new hair, though, was how excited their were for their other half. In fact, they almost forgot to give themselves the once-over because they were so busy complimenting each other!

Finally, Gab and Deb will never be mistaken for each other again -- and they weren't the only twins who left the 'Rachael Ray' show with huge identical smiles.

Titiana and Elizabeth of Gainesville, 27, were ready to make a big change after years of being seen as a single unit instead of as individuals.

Two Twin Sisters Get a Whole New Look
Two Twin Sisters Get a Whole New Look

The ladies, who hail from Florida, came to 'Rachael Ray' hoping for haircuts that both upgrade their style and set them apart from their identical other half.

To help them get as glam as possible, Rachael Ray enlisted the help of hair and beauty pro Kyan Douglas, who showed Titiana and Elizabeth two completely different ways to style their hair.

The only thing better than the incredible results? The happy moment when Titiana and Elizabeth see their new looks for the first time.

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