Mechanics find kitten in car hood

Mechanics Find Kitten Under Car Hood
Mechanics Find Kitten Under Car Hood

Recently, staffers at the Scottish SPCA were alerted of an incident involving a kitten and a car hood. Mechanics at a Land Rover dealership discovered the small feline hiding near the engine. One of the men grabbed her by the back of the neck to pull her out of the confined space and then spent a little time cradling her. The 5- to 6-month-old kitten, now named Sweety was placed into the care of workers at the Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Fiona Thorburn, an animal rescue officer, noted, "It's fair to say the workmen got a bit of a shock ... thankfully, Sweety didn't sustain any injuries from her journey and seemed very happy to be out of the car."

Thorburn also pointed out its common for cats to crawl into areas near vehicle engines while seeking warmth. The Scottish SPCA is presently trying to find the owner of the kitten but if he or she doesn't come forward, Sweety will be placed up for adoption.

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