Man ditches 'caveman' look for whole new 'do

Makeover Turns 'Caveman' Into Modern Human
Makeover Turns 'Caveman' Into Modern Human

Comparable to a "caveman" -- that's how Arron McCall described his "look" before ABC stepped in to help with its special Valentine's "Make Over My Man" segment.

Crossfit trainer McCall was rocking a beard he'd been growing out for years and topped it off with a shaggy 'do up top as well.

"It has been three years since I saw my husband's face," Arron's wife, Kelly McCall, said.

"Daddy looks like a hobo," one of the McCalls' children said.

"Arron, come on out!" ABC host Lara Spencer said once his makeover was complete.

"Oh my goodness, blown away," Arron McCall said.

Arron's wife, Kelly, was so excited about her husband's new look, she gave him not one, but two kisses on-air after the reveal.

It really is a stark contrast from before. That shaggy beard is gone and his hair is cut and slicked back.

The Twitterverse noticed, too. One user said the new look took 20 years off Arron, another said he looked like a movie star and another just said he was "so handsome."

We often see women receiving the makeovers on TV, but ABC has joined the likes of Steve Harvey by focusing on a man instead.

What's even more amazing about this makeover -- the stylists did everything in 60 minutes.

They didn't skimp on details, either. Look at those fun socks.

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