How man was overcharged by Dominion Virginia Power for nearly 15 years

Man Claims Power Company Overcharged Him for Nearly 15 Years
Man Claims Power Company Overcharged Him for Nearly 15 Years

HEATHSVILLE, Va. -- A Virginia man is telling his story after he discovered he has been overcharged by Dominion Virginia Power since 2001.

Don Lee of Healthsville, Virginia runs a barbershop on Route 360. Lee had Dominion install a watch light 14 years ago because when he would leave work, it would be very dark for customers as well as himself.

"You do need a security light," Lee said. "You just write the check and pay the bill."

However, Lee spotted a problem on his bill last December when he saw he was charged for two watch lights when he only has one.

He called Dominion and they dispatched a crew who agreed with Lee's belief he had been overcharged by the power company.

Lee quickly did the math by going back in his records and discovered that was a $1600 mistake and asked Dominion for a full refund.

"That's when the conflict began they say they wouldn't do it," Lee said.

That is when Lee called CBS 6, explaining Dominion had only agreed to write a check for two years worth of overcharges.

CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George reached out to Dominion executives for an explanation.

"Mr. Lee did the right thing," Daisy Pridgen, a spokeswoman with the Dominion said.

"Why did you only reimburse him for two years?" St. George asked.

Pridgen said computer software prevented the customer service agent Lee was dealing with from going back further with the records.

"Our customer service agent could only go back three years," Pridgen explained.

However, Pridgen said that the company has decided to give Lee the full refund, something they are not legally required to do, after reviewing Lee's hard copies of his bills.

"The takeaway for all of this is we really encourage our customers to understand their bill," Pridgen said.

That is something Lee is encouraging Virginians to do as well, saying he is $1600 richer because he kept and looked at his bills.

"I certainly appreciate the help of you and Channel 6," Lee said.

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