Former Baltimore Ravens RB Jamal Lewis sold his Super Bowl ring

Former Baltimore Ravens RB Jamal Lewis sold his Super Bowl ring

Jamal Lewis sold the second Super Bowl ring he received from the Baltimore Ravens for over $50 thousand, according to the Baltimore Sun. He had earned one as a rookie first round running back with the Ravens in 2000, then later received one after his retirement as an honorary member of the franchise from owner Steve Biscotti. It appears he was so honored by the second ring that he took it straight to the bank, or in this case, the pawn shop.

The Sun writes that the ring was sold by Goldin Auctions to a local memorabilia collector for $50,820 and describes the ring as such:

The ring, made by Jostens, is a size-15 and is made of 10-karat white gold, weighs 87.72 grams and contains 3.75 carats worth of diamonds, according to the auction company. The only difference between Lewis' ring and the ones the players from the championship team received is that Lewis' ring has the letters 'ROH' on the side. That distinction is for Lewis' Ring of Honor status.

Lewis filed for bankruptcy in 2012, citing over $10 million in debts owed for failed business ventures including but not limited to the real estate and trucking industries. Presumably, he needed every dollar he could get to stay afloat in the wake of that news.

Jamal Lewis was one of the premier running backs of his time. He is in the rare 2,000-yard club for running backs, having posted the third-highest single season for rushing yards with 2,066, third only to Adrian Peterson and Eric Dickerson. Lewis was named the Offensive Player of the Year for that season, and has since been enshrined in Baltimore's Ring of Honor.

He is also the leading rusher in Baltimore Ravens franchise history with 7,801 rushing yards and 45 touchdowns. That combined with the Ring of Honor induction cemented Jamal Lewis' status as one of the greats in Baltimore Ravens history. Unfortunately none of that is enough for Lewis to pay his bills.

The 35-year-old had no comment on the sale of his ring. Ravens owner Steve Biscotti also gave honorary Super Bowl rings to former players Michael McCrary, Jonathan Ogden, Matt Stover and Peter Boulware.

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