Brett Favre says he'll enter Packers Hall of Fame in 2015

Favre On Quarterbacks Retiring, Packers
Favre On Quarterbacks Retiring, Packers

Long-time Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre broke a lot of hearts when he left to play for the New York Jets and eventually their arch-rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. He has been retired and out of the year for a while now and Aaron Rodgers has led the Packers to a Super Bowl title so it looks like things are being forgiven and forgotten.

The next hot topic has been the Packers Hall of Fame and retiring his famous No. 4 jersey. When would they officially bury the hatchet and reunite.

It was a matter of time before he got inducted, but it was just a matter of when and that will apparently be next season according to Favre.

Sure enough, there it is on Favre's home page, a letter from Favre to fans announcing the plans for 2015.

"I'm pleased to announce that I will be returning to Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2015 for induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and retirement of my jersey," Favre wrote.

"It was a tremendous honor to play 16 years for the Green Bay Packers. Now to have my name placed among others such as Starr, Hornung, Kramer, Taylor, Lambeau, Nitschke, Lombardi, Davis, White and Hutson is a special honor that I share with all of my teammates and coaches, and that would not have been possible but for the foresight of Ron Wolf, the greatest GM In the history of the NFL.

"I'm truly looking forward to celebrating and sharing this special moment with all of the great fans of the Green Bay Packers."

Still, there is a matter of when he will be inducted. Will it be when the weather is warm at the beginning of the season or will they do it at the end of the season when it is freezing cold, like the Chicago Bears did to Mike Ditka.

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