Kristen Wiig steals show in surprise 2015 Grammy performance with Sia

Kristen Wiig's Crazy 'Chandelier' Modern Dancing Steals the Show at Grammys
Kristen Wiig's Crazy 'Chandelier' Modern Dancing Steals the Show at Grammys

The only performers that could outshine a Beatle were a little girl and a 'Saturday Night Live' alum.

Sia performed her hit "Chandelier" at the Grammys alongside her mini-me, 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler, and surprise guest Kristen Wiig -- and while Wiig is known for her comedy, she killed it.

At this point, we all know that Sia's child counterpart is able to tell a story with nothing more than a wig and a nude unitard, but viewers at the Staples Center and at home were shocked to see the comedienne's skills.

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Neil Patrick Harris tweeted, "Who knew Kristen Wiig was such an amazing dancer! Wait. I think someone put something in my drink. This ain't right. #whatishappening."

Lucky Magazine posted, "Kristen Wiig JUST WON THE #GRAMMYs."

Also, making an appearance during Sunday night's award show was Sia's "Elastic Heart" dancer Shia LaBeouf, who introduced Sia with the reading of a love letter.

Sia, who doesn't want her face to become recognizable, was more than happy to be upstaged by her collaborators. She remained downstage, standing in a corner.

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