2015 Grammy Awards: Awkward red carpet moments


E!'s live broadcast from the Grammy red carpet had us cringing in the best way possible.

Our top awkward moment? Giuliana Rancic appeared to get totally snubbed by Lady Gaga.

"Oh my god, Lady Gaga, can I just wait for one second? Hi, Lady Gaga! Oh my god, I'm so embarrassing. Oh my god, and Tony Bennett! Oh well."

Sure, Lady Gaga may have not heard her, but Giuliana was embarrassed nonetheless.

Then, Ryan Seacrest refused to get snubbed. He really wanted to chat with Nicki Minaj ...

"Miss Minaj! Come on over here! Nicki, come on, I need you. Smile big!"

As one Twitter user so wisely put it, "Ryan Seacrest desperately trying to get Nicki Minaj's attention is highlight of the night."

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Last but not least, Neil Patrick Harris' shout-out to his "Gone Girl" co-star Rosamund Pike was just a little 'TMI.'

"Rosamund Pike, everyone wants to know how it's going with the baby, and how is all of the breastfeeding happening with that beautiful dress," he said with a laugh.

There were plenty of other awkward moments on the 2015 Grammy's red carpet.

Head to E! to check them all out.

And be sure to check out all of the red carpet looks from the night:

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