Exclusive! The Good Mad releases new EP 'Face Your Feels,' drops new music video

The Good Mad Debuts 'Adelaide'
The Good Mad Debuts 'Adelaide'

If you're an ABC Family fan ... you've likely heard of The Good Mad.

The superstar Los Angeles-based band made up of Andy Fischer-Price and former "The Lying Game" stars Allie Gonino and Adam Brooks, just released their third EP "Face Your Feels" and we won't be surprised if their new songs end up on television like their earlier hits.

Their five new tracks, including their single "Adelaide," which is being debuted exclusively on AOL, has a sound similar to The Lumineers, but an originality that is all The Good Mad's own.

The talented musical crew described their new album as modern, but still with their signature folksy sound and dished about their favorite new jams and inspirations for this EP. Check out the interview below!

The Good Mad
The Good Mad

How long have you been playing together as The Good Mad?
Allie: We formed the band in spring of 2011, just shortly after Adam and Andy's prior band, Mr. Adventures, disbanded. I played with that band for about a year, so all in all we've been making music together for almost five years, but The Good Mad is about to turn four. The birthday party is going to be huge, we'll make sure AOL's invited.

Describe your sound when you first started working together?
Andy: Our first jams were pretty basic acoustic living room sessions with no microphones or drums - just Adam on guitar, Allie on violin, me on bass or ukulele, and our three voices. Our initial sound was very friendly and folky, mostly as a result of instruments we had available to us at the time, and also perhaps because we blamed bad vibes for the break up of our last band, so some good-vibe over compensation may have shown up in the early songs.

Describe your sound on Face Your Feels?
Adam: As far as describing the sound on Face Your Feels, I would say that this is a much more modern sound in terms of the production, and a lot of that is attributed to working with our friends and collaborators Mike Pappas and Fann of the group Yell for Help. In addition, we all listen to a lot of current music as well as the classic stuff, and are inspired by a lot of different sounds. We really wanted to push ourselves on this new EP to not just be tied to the idea of a "folk" band or genre-- We started the band with the three of us on mostly acoustic instruments, but we adding a ton of other elements like electric guitar, electric bass, and experimenting with various production elements too. It's freeing and exciting and keeps ideas fresh playful.

Do you have any big musical inspirations that helped shape this particular EP?
Allie: I guess we'd been listening to a lot of Father John Misty, Tame Impala, alt-J when we recorded "Face Your Feels." Adam and I had Lana del Rey's "Ultraviolence" on heavy rotation around that same time, so I think that's why "Dark Waters" turned out the way it did. I think you can hear hints of all those influences on the EP, though we still kept the bone structure of the songs pretty folky.

The Good Mad
The Good Mad

Do you write your songs together or individually?
Andy: We have done both, but most of the writing on this EP was individual. My songs were probably the most collaborative. I had written a version of "No Time to Talk" with another chorus I was never crazy about and have since forgotten. Adam liked the song but also felt that the chorus could be cooler, so we had a session and worked out what is now the final version of that song. "Kim's Song" was pretty complete but Sal (Allie) added the chorus responses and the line "I hope that this will do". I'd like to write more songs as a trio though. That's how we wrote "Falling Asleep" which still seems to be one of our most popular songs.

Do you have any favorite tracks on Face Your Feels? What was the inspiration behind those tracks?
Adam: Ha it's always hard to pick a favorite track, but one I really hold dear to my heart is "Dark Waters." Allie wrote it on an old autoharp that I picked up at a curbside yard sale near where I was living in LA. I'd had it for maybe a week and she asked to borrow it and then came back with that sweet track! Clearly, $50 bucks well spent. Also I like it because that was a fun one to record--Andy's got some mean fuzz bass going on and I got to plug in and play some electric guitar through my pedal board. I just love the vibe of that song and I love the song itself. It feels awesome to play live -- and if you can believe it -- we get rocking some of the hardest of all in a song where Allie's strumming that autoharp.

Collectively -- how many instruments can you guys play?
Allie: Well, let's see. I play violin, mandolin, guitar, I can kind of mess around on piano, and I've recently added autoharp to the list. Adam plays guitar, bass, harmonica. Andy plays bass and guitar. We've all played the ukulele at one point or another -- that's about eight instruments. Truthfully though, we're all fairly musically inclined, so give us any instrument for a few hours and we'll have figured out how to make it sing.

Are there any plans to play any of your new songs on any TV shows ala "The Lying Game?
Andy: We would certainly love to if the opportunity presents itself. Getting our songs on "The Lying Game" is the main reason we have people listening to our music in places like Hungary, Norway, Bulgaria, Chile. We're definitely hoping to get some "Face Your Feels" placements in 2015!

The Good Mad
The Good Mad