How to make your nail polish last

By Stuff She Likes

After years of collecting and years of throwing away bottles of colors I adore that now happen to be discontinued, I have some tricks up my sleeve. All the Chanel bottles photographed above have been in my collection for at least 4 years! Here are some tips to make your nail polish colors last longer:

Trick #1
Make sure that the cap on your polish bottle is secure and tight. I know this seems obvious but you would be surprised ho many caps go loosened. A slightly open top will allow air into the bottle drying it out and oxidizing the color. Bad Bad Bad!

Trick #2
If your polish comes in a box, keep the box! Store your polish in that very box. It keeps the light out, which helps to maintain the integrity of your polish. Good Good Good!

Trick #3
Store your tightly capped bottle that now lives in the box it came in, in a dark place. Under a cabinet, in a hall closet (not next to a heater), under your bathroom sink. This will add a little insurance to Trick #2.

Now I don't know the science behind this but I know it works from years of at home research. Trust me, a lot of trial and error.

With all that said, all nail polish is not created equal. So I say purchase on the higher end and your money will go further than you expected. Lots of awesome nails with your favorite colors are well worth the effort, don't you think?

What tips and tricks do you guys have for your beauty products? We'd love to know!

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